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Federal Student Loans Council offers private and federal student loan refinance options through community banks, credit unions and other alternative financial sources that will allow you to get the best financial offer and could greatly reduce the total cost of your existing student loans or your current monthly payment.  It’s a clever way to help you get on the road to financial freedom.

As part of our commitment to assisting borrowers identify the best options available, we will do a free consultation to also make you aware of government programs that you may be entitled to, with greater benefits than just a refinance.

Federal Student Loans Council also specializes in federal student loan document preparation and processing services to help borrowers that would benefit most from different government Income-Driven programs available through the U.S Department of Education. Our agents will help you find the best repayment solution that fits your specific financial situation and goals.

Loan refinance option for Private and Federal student Loans:

With Federal Student Loans Council’s refinancing options, you could reduce the total cost of your existing student loans or your current monthly payment (or maybe even both!).


  • Low fixed or variable rates
  • Flexible repayment terms
  • Able to refinance federal and private student loans
  • Choose immediate full payments
  • No origination fees
  • Refinance loan amounts as low as $7,500

Let’s get started, call us at 844.221.4027.  Or apply now!

Income-Driven Document Preparation on a Performance Basis:

We work strictly on behalf of the borrower, for the borrower, with only the borrower’s best interest in mind. As a Client of Federal Student Loans Council, you will always know that you have the finest team of advocates working hard for you every step of the way.

What “Performance Based” means is that after the completed application has been received by the U.S Department of Education, we get compensated. Therefore, if it can’t be done, we will never collect any fees for our services.  It may be 24-48 hours or more, before receiving a confirmation, and only if the reply is a net benefit to you, would you then be charged a fee.

Do it yourself without a fee – all programs are freely available for enrollment through the Department of Education.

Benefits for Income-Driven document preparation options:

We will assist you for the next two years in the following manner:

  • We will submit all paperwork on your behalf and make you aware of which program may be the most beneficial considering your unique situation.
  • We will re-certify you for the next 2 years so your benefits continue uninterrupted.
  • We will keep you aware of new government programs that may give you additional benefits:
    • If you have a decrease, or loss of income
    • If you changed jobs and your new employer is a non-profit organization or government agency
    • If your dependents increase or decrease or any questions you may have

Please contact our support department and we will assist you for the next 2 years as part of our commitment to you.  After 2 years our clients have the option of renewal of services at their discretion.

Income-driven document preparation fee:

Based upon your unique circumstances we will determine our fee to prepare all the necessary student loan documentation.  Clients are given an option for full payment of fees before work commences or financing the fee in part or in full.

Typically our professional document preparation fee is $1,371.00, and we have the ability to finance the fee for a period of 20 months, the payment will be only $79.00 per month (18% APR).  We do not make your student loan payments on your behalf, this is solely your responsibility.  The professional document preparation fee illustrated in the above example, whether paid in full or financed is applied towards preparation of documents exclusively.

The terms and conditions of financing the document preparation fee may change so call us for more information.  We offer the convenience of a finance option to every one of our clients, and all initial consultation is FREE to you so let’s get started, call us at 844.221.4027.

We are not a government agency, the Department of Education, or your loan servicer.

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Looking for a clever solution to fix your student loan problem?

With the student loan crisis becoming an out of control epidemic for individuals and families across the United States, Federal student loan counsel seeks to relieve some of the stress and burden of this growing problem.  Our professional document preparation services provide the following immediate benefits to you:

  • Lower Payments
  • Lower DTI (debt to income ratio)

Our Services

Loan Refinance Option

Fixed Rates as Low as:
4.75% – 7.35% APR
Variable Rates as Low as:
2.75% – 6.25% APR
All rates shown include auto pay discount.

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Federal Student Loan Consolidation

Combine multiple student loans into a single manageable new loan.

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Public Service Forgiveness Programs

Work in the public service sector? You may qualify for loan forgiveness!

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No more burden!

“I’m so elated to know this burden will soon expire unpaid!”

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“The Federal Student Loans Council has helped me get back on track!”

Jack Smith March 27, 2016

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Saved me so much money!

“The Federal Student Loans Council saved me so much money!”

Pat C. March 27, 2016

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